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L’express weekly,21 January 2011

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Weekly 20-01-2011

Of personality

A long time ago, someone you don’t know said, “Egotism is the
anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.” Can’t fi gure out why this
quotation kept obsessively rotating in my mind in the last couple of
weeks. Maybe because sometimes you just come across people who
are so amusingly arrogant that they will never get anywhere simply
because it is their intimate conviction that they are already there. People
for whom everything they come into contact with turns into a mirror.
If you have been listening to our radio stations recently, zapping
from one channel to another, you may have heard someone being
interviewed who was continuously talking about Johnson Roussety.
Throughout the interview, you may have wondered who the generous
person who has painted such a wonderful portrait of Roussety was. At
the end of the interview, you will have heard the radio presenter thanking…
Johnson Roussety! It was not a mistake. It was Johnson Roussety
talking about himself in the third person singular non-stop.
And who would blame the guy? This kind of insufferable arrogance
has become a way of life in our little island. A sort of fashion you might
say because if you listened to the discussion on the same radio about
the Bangladeshi workers, you would have realized, better late than never,
that the person who kept talking about a certain Mrs. Goinden
was actually Mrs. Goinden herself! “Mrs. Goinden is the one who will
be investigating the case. Everyone knows Mrs. Goinden.” If you felt
ignorant at this stage, please be reassured that Mrs. Prayag shares your
ignorance and fully sympathizes.
Previously, the only person who used to consistently refer to herself
in the third person singular was Indira Sidaya. And that is only after she
had started associating with the great and famous of Hollywood. Now
even people we had never heard of seem to have caught this highly
dangerous and infectious virus.
Mrs. Prayag is fl agging this problem simply because she feels that
we are in danger of becoming a nation of narcissists. So she has dug
this up for you from Uncylopedia, the content-free encyclopedia, “The
tendency to refer to oneself in the third person is often viewed by psychologists
as a symptom of narcissism… Children who fail to grow
out of the ‘monarchic’ phase of intellectual development and into the
‘dualistic’ phase may become narcissistic throughout their lives… Paradoxically,
the tendency of narcissists to refer to themselves in the third
person stems from precisely this failure.”
On the same site, free of charge, you also get advice on how to become
a narcissist. “In order to learn how to effectively refer to yourself
in the third person, it is often desirable to understand the narcissist
mentality and develop an ability to ‘role-play’ as an actual narcissist, but
there is danger, in that you may inadvertently develop strong narcissistic
tendencies in yourself without realizing it.” Considering the trend our
society is taking, the above advice may turn out to be very handy, even
after weighing up the dangers.
“We all know that Oscar Wilde would never refer to himself in the
third person,” Oscar Wilde said with his usual biting sarcasm. Bet you
some of our compatriots will take it at face value.


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