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L’Express Weekly, 12 August 2011

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Choose your channel

Those who thought that once the coalition government had offi cially announced its divorce, the entertainment would be over, take heart. It’s only just beginning. Naturally, no one expected such unnatural allies to even get into bed together in the fi rst place, let alone develop enough affi nity and attraction to produce any offspring. If the MSM members took comfort from the power which they would not otherwise have got anywhere near, for many Labourites, the coalition was a bitter pill to swallow and the cracks in the Navin’n’Pravind loving cup could be seen right from the start. The amused exasperated smiles were put on only for the gallery. They masked a deep malaise in reality. Despite all claims to the contrary, however, had the leader of the opposition not sounded the alarm, had the press not kept the pressure on, had the ICAC looked the other way instead of impeaching the alleged culprits, had the prime minister given in to blackmail, we would not have had such great entertainment these last three weeks. So stay awake and catch the fun on one of these channels.

You can catch the box- offi ce hit on channel one: the meeting between Paul Bérenger and Pravind Jugnauth to discuss ( please don’t laugh) electoral reform! Naturally, with everything that is going on, this is the most urgent challenge facing the country. And, discussions to take the country forward have to involve the MSM, a party renowned for its regressive stand concerning so many issues like the best loser system and the death penalty. The only party missing at yesterday’s meeting was India’s revanchist Bhartiya Janata Party ( BJP), a friend of the MSM’s! If you are bored watching, you can provide your own entertainment by asking yourself the crucial question: Who is smarter than who? Is it Bhaiya Paul who wants to use the MSM to get to his more natural ally, the Labour Party, or is it ti frère at times called ti kretin who wants to keep his foot soldiers onboard by dangling the MMM carrot? Your guess is as good as mine. At any rate, they are fawning over each other and Paul Bérenger brought out the heavy artillery by going as far paying tribute to Sir Anerood Jugnauth ( SAJ) for his contribution at the 1965 Lancaster House Independence Talks! As one of our collaborators rightly points out in this very edition, SAJ was not even a minister in the coalition colonial government! If you opt for channel two, the entertainment value is no less. You will be able to watch Labour supporters live on a shopping spree for anyone who is on sale. They are polishing peanuts, going to the extent of scraping the barrel. One wonders whatever happened to good old values like ideology, political culture and affi nity. Going to bed with anyone prepared to share it with you seems to have become the new philosophy.

You may decide that you really want to watch some reality shows.

In that case, channel three will cater to your needs. You can watch some drama queens, unknown yesterday, competing for celebrity status by threatening to go to the police to report the “ harassment” they are allegedly subjected to by Labour members who want them to join their ranks! At this rate, who needs police to fi ght real crime? There is another channel rambling on about youth unemployment, drugs and drug- related crimes, non- communicable diseases and what not. No one is watching that. So, don’t bother.

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