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l’Express Weekly, 14 October 2011

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Light years in dark years

The prime minister’s communication exercise of last Saturday may indeed have hit the spot. “ Let’s turn the page, marié piké and together face the bigger challenges ahead.” When we got back to our desks on Monday morning, the country seemed to have regained a certain serenity. The threat of resignation of all the opposition members of parliament ( MPs), a possible no- confi dence vote by the opposition, the resignation of the president of the republic and the defection of some MPs from the majority, the calling of early elections etc. all seem so distant. It is hard to believe that we were discussing these issues only yesterday.

Yes, the prime minister’s call was timely. Yes, the population has shown no great interest in the “ scandals” to be announced in driblets by Pravind Jugnauth in a desperate attempt to grab the headlines and remain relevant. But what has brought the serenity back to the country has little to do with all this. What has turned the page on weeks of political agitation is one sentence pronounced by the leader of the opposition: “ There are light years separating us from the MSM on a number of fundamental issues.” The MSM, previously spurred on by the possibility of an alliance with the MMM, was immediately pushed on the back foot.

Early elections no longer loomed ahead. In whose interest would they be? The president is now happy with the work of our institutions and no longer sees anything wrong enough with the way the country is run for him to resign. The prime minister is satisfi ed with his relationship with the president and sees nothing wrong with the latter coming out of his reserve, down into the political arena and making political statements publicly defying institutions. In fact, we may have misunderstood what the president said. He was not defending his son. He was talking about the interests of the country. Oh, sorry! Kalyanee Juggoo, a few helpings of Peking duck later, jumped on the bone thrown to her, swallowed her pride after being rewarded with the post of secretary general of the Labour party and even started bragging about being the fi rst woman to have occupied such a prestigious position.

Who says opportunism doesn’t pay? She also started displaying serious signs of amnesia. In fact, she never actually wanted the position of minister and she is very happy with Mireille Martin occupying that post instead. Because she is a woman. What a great source of pride for all women. Talking about women, another woman is seen displaying a large grin in the company of the prime minister perhaps in the expectation of a bone which may come her way. The meat has already been wolfed down by some new advocates of the Equal Opportunities Act.

Well, everyone seems to have tuned their instruments. Except Jocelyn Grégoire that is. Out of tune, he calls on the president of the republic to discuss… the Equal Opportunities Bill! Didn’t anyone tell him that the game was over? Oh, almost forgot the other one: Pravind Jugnauth congratulating himself for having come to an agreement with the MMM about… the seating arrangements! Great progress! We are not talking of course about the seating arrangements in a new coalition.

That is decided unilaterally by the MSM and the much coveted seat is the birthright of its president. Light years, you said?!

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