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l’Express Weekly, 19 August 2011

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When dirty politics get dirtier

Historians of this country, run to your keyboards. There are two events you absolutely want to record. And, paradoxically, this is a period of our history we would like one day to forget.

First, Mireille Martin was sworn in yesterday. She has taught the country one major lesson: that women equal men and even outdo them in dirty politics, moral bankruptcy and hitting below the belt.

So, we hereby assign the award of being the best man in Cabinet to the newly nominated minister.

I am not talking here about crossing the fl oor: the MSM MPs were elected under the Alliance Sociale banner and they therefore have no legitimacy outside of that. Nor am I talking about betrayal. The MSM ministers did not exactly resign to save the planet. They resigned to oppose the cause of justice and hold the country hostage to their whims and fancies. So, anyone who does not embrace that cause cannot, by any yardstick, be considered a traitor to a particular noble principle or superior ideology.

Equally, we are neither naive nor utopian. We are fully aware that History is not an idyll and that politicians’ biographies do not exactly read like the lives of saints. So, this debate is not even about morality.

Mireille Martin gets the prize for the way she went about getting to her ends. And it is absolutely ingenuous! She fi rst made a statement about the necessity of placing the country’s interests above party interests, thus inviting courtship. When she was courted, she hot- footed her way to the press and stated loud and clear that she was being “ harassed”. To make sure she grabbed the headlines, she even publicly stated that she was intending to go to the police to report the “ harassment” which she insisted “ must stop.” This immediately resulted in her being offered the vice- presidency of the MSM, a position which may not have been signifi cant in itself, particularly as she had to share it with two others, but which, nonetheless, boosted her and gave her enough bargaining power to get to the highly- coveted post of … Minister, no less! Anyone who wants to start rambling on here about meritocracy, competence, qualifi cations and similar obscure concepts, please keep your talk to yourself. We are busy analyzing the sacrifi ces this young minister has made for her elctorate and for all of us. Thank you. Forever grateful we shall be.

The second event: Pravind Jugnauth called a press conference to make “ revelations” about… his ex- partner. He teaches the countyy a lesson we should have learnt ages ago: silence is golden. So, we hereby assign the prize of the worst politician this country has seen to him. Pray tell, where were these alleged malpractices hiding when the MSM leader was in government? In a previous press conference, he had looked us straight in the eye and repeated Ad Nauseam that his party stood for principles and the right values. Well, just what happened to these values if he kept all the supposed revelations until the blackmail backfi red? In case you are not yet jaded with politics, petty narcissism and pure hunger for power, you might be able to digest this: the leader of the opposition, who only yesterday, was accusing the MSM members of being moneyminded crooks was suddenly hit with an affl iction which has scrapped most of his memory. He is now busy trying to swallow his own words and his pride with them.

Unfortunately, we have run out of prizes. And ministerial posts! So, morality may come back to our shores.

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