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L’Express Weekly, 22 July 2011

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The Harry epidemic

If I had to write a book about so many Mauritian politicians, political nominees and the politically- connected, from Tom to Dick, and particularly Harry, the famous and powerful that is, all its chapters would be similar, except for the names of the protagonists.

First, as soon as they are elected or nominated or their allegiance to those more powerful than them established, they go to town. They start using and abusing all the advantages they can lay their hands on.

When they become slightly more confi dent, they start digging deep into our pockets. In the unlikely event that they are caught with their hand right in the cookie jar, they begin to shout on all roof tops how ‘ serene’ they are. If ever someone sounds the alarm, the alleged culprit runs to the nearest clinic for a nice holiday until we forget about the jar, the cookies and the hands which were caught in it. Hired celebrity lawyers start brandishing all sorts of excuses and using mumbo jumbo legal jargon that the ordinary men and women that we are do not understand.

Doctors who were absent the day their colleagues took the Hippocratic oath queue up to declare that the person has suddenly caught this terrible disease we had never heard of which has reduced them to a vegetable and rendered them unable to face justice or ever have to answer for their wrong doings.

Just as we started getting over our deep sadness that Harry Tirvengadum has been reduced to a vegetable and that our prayers that he may recover one day will never be answered, we are again plunged into heart- wrenching sorrow because Maya Hanoomanjee has also caught a disease which, if not exactly the same as the one which sadly hit Tirvengadum, it at least resembles it in the suddenness with which both were unfortunately hit. Maya Hanoomanjee’s piercing voice when talking to Jean- Luc Emile on Radio One may have given the listeners the impression that she was fi ne. She was not as we all found out a few hours later. It was only her rage against the journalists who are doing their job which gave her that sudden surge of energy.

Similar, in fact, to the sudden energy ( let’s all be grateful to God for his miracles) given to Tirvengadum for a brief moment to answer a phone call from Radio Plus. But don’t make any mistake: Cousin Maya has nothing to hide, her “ hands are clean” and she is “ serene”. We thank God for the grace he gave her to reassure us before she was suddenly hit with this awful disease.

I would like to pray that our minister of health recovers her health promptly. The following words will probably do wonders for her recovery.

Perhaps more than any doctor can: she really has nothing to worry about. It took just a piece of gossip to hypnotise the opposition whose leader is now so busy looking out for signs to beckon him into bed that there is no threat at all. The ICAC? I feel sorry for them. How can they prosecute ministers? People who want to clear their names and answer for their acts have the dignity to fi rst step aside to allow justice to be meted out to them in the same way it is meted out to other ordinary citizens. We are not there yet. We are not likely to get there anytime soon. So, let’s join the chorus and say, “ Let the ICAC do its job.” Investigate, that is, until the cows come home.

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