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l’express Weekly, 9 March 2012

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An alliance of disdain

The president, it would seem, is not ready to be put out to pasture. Politics, they say, is like Hotel California: “ You can check out any time you like but you can never leave”. Though this week’s press conference in which the prime minister detailed him to either dissociate himself from the MMM’s suggested remake or resign may seem to have lobbed a bomb with a sizzling fuse into his lap, the preening, smugly self- confi dent silence he has been serving to the nation continues. Neither a full support of Paul Bérenger’s initiative nor an orderly, dignifi ed exit out of the State House look likely; the word “ dignifi ed” being the problem. And, while the president’s lips remain sealed, the MMM keeps on shoveling out information about the distribution of posts in the context of a MedPoint 2 remake.

For all the pomp and pageantry that has kick- started this announced alliance, it will be under pressure from day one. In fact, it already is with the leader of the opposition stating that the president has to make a statement and “ pren so responsabilité”. It is an alliance based on disdain.

You know it, I know it and the protagonists, more than anyone else, know it. SAJ is disdainful of Paul Bérenger and has never made a secret of it. We will recall the notorious interview the president gave l’express just before the last elections in which he sap lor kal and opened his heart about the feelings Paul Bérenger awakens in him, something which the Labour Party then forgot to denounce, just as they forgot to denounce the selective invitations to an offi cial dinner at Réduit. And Paul Bérenger is not left out of these noble sentiments: his disdain for Pravind Jugnauth is clear and has never been made clearer. By refusing to consider him for the post of prime minister, he is putting a nail in the coffi• of his terrifying ambitions. Even the golden opportunity Pravind offered his brother Paul by initiating a polemic about electoral boundaries was not taken up by the latter, who immediately dissociated himself from drinking from the communal chalice he was offered.

While the disdain is the common denominator, the degree may vary.

In this respect, the disdain Paul Bérenger seems to have for Pravind Jugnauth is unequalled. For, the former is not particularly fastidious about his bed partners. Just about any Vaish will do, including Dinesh Ramjuttun as prime minister of this country. So, the fact that he is unwilling to offer Pravind Jugnauth the opportunity to jump into bed with him, not even in the context of a koze kozé is rather revealing. And don’t you think Father Jugnauth is unaware of this; which is why he will not make a statement either way. Let everyone stew in their own juice. Legally, he has done nothing wrong. Ethically, moralité pa renpli vent. Constitutionally, no one will be able to remove him – not with his son in parliament. And the game continues.

If it is not clear who the winners of this game are, what is sure is who the losers are: all the youth of this country. In the alliances of Jurassic Park, their aspirations for this country, their contribution, opportunities for them to play an active part in taking this nation forward into an era where meritocracy plays a more important part than heredity and privilege are wiped out. No one is even asking them about their opinions. Nobody cares.

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