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l’express Weekly 20 April 2012

Posted in Uncategorized by touriaprayag on April 20, 2012

The good, the bad and the unjustifiable

Her outfit was unpretentious, her gait was on the diffi dent side
but her voice was pleasant and steady and her delivery of the
government programme honourable. It was a moment of
satisfaction for the women of this country. It was an instance
of pride for the country. The government programme Monique Ohsan
Bellepeau read was divided into three parts: the rehashed, the new and the
ambitious but, by and large, it offered a new ray of hope for the economy,
particularly through the Private Public Partnership.
The absence of the opposition looked ugly. The opposition is paid
to criticize whatever the government proposes and which it thinks might
be bad for the country. Instead, our opposition was too busy deciding
whether Eric Guimbeau should get one or two tickets and from whose
pool the tickets should come. And, instead of a better-late-than-never analysis
of the government programme, we are later served some so-called
revelations about the Med Point saga and a reiteration of the opposition’s
wish to urgently come to power.
There is no doubt that the people of this country are yearning
for change. A change which responds to the aspirations of Mauritian
youth. A change where we do not have to elect people at the helm of
this country simply because of their name but because of the ideology,
the programme and the competence they convince us that they have.
However, Mauritians are avid believers in our institutions and in the rule
of law. They would like to see change through the democratic process
which they have fought hard to get and preserve. And it is the strength
of our institutions and our democratic process which have maintained
the peace and harmony which have characterized this country. Anything
less than that would plunge us in a cycle of instability with the disastrous
economic consequences it will entail.
Of course we would like to know the truth about Med Point but we
would like to learn it through our courts of law. We are neither lawyers
nor magistrates nor is it our position to try people from our lounges listening
to allegations made on soap boxes. Pravind Jugnauth did sign the
cheque to his sister and brother-in-law at record speed, which he should
not have done if he was so opposed to the deal. He should have resigned
as a matter of principle. But he is innocent not because his father says
so – what father would say otherwise – but because he is so until proven
guilty, according to our laws. Anyone who has any information should put
it at the disposal of our courts and let them decide. The way things which
should be discussed in court are now used as a campaigning tool is ugly.
Navin Ramgoolam decided to leave the nation’s business behind to
go and reply to these allegations. We don’t know what he was intending
to say yesterday evening but saying anything at all is uncalled for. He was
elected to run this country. He should not step back onto the soap box
no matter what happens. The amount of energy he is spending on the
campaigning track is unjustifi able. Mauritians want to see some improvement
in their lives. That’s what he should be concentrating on. The power
game between the same self-serving protagonists accusing each other of
exactly the same things they are being accused of is of no interest to us.
And, frankly, we have had enough.

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