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l’express Weekly April 27

Posted in Uncategorized by touriaprayag on April 27, 2012

Med Point, May Day and soap operas

Sir Anerood Jugnauth’s first appearance in his fief, announced
with much pomp and fanfare, was not exactly
the flop Deva Virahsawmy tried to make it out to be. But
it was not a triumph either. The few hundred die-hards
who headed to the meeting were numerous and enthusiastic but
not enough to make an impact. And the remake coalition did not
see it as an opportunity to gloat. It has understood that it could not
yet consign Navin Ramgoolam’s rule to history. So the language
has changed: Paul Bérenger is no longer talking about the “saviour
of the nation”. Instead, he is talking about “making sacrifi ces for
the MSM” in the middle of the fever which is catching up with all
parties as they gear up for May Day.
May Day! Don’t we just excel in the art of mass entertainment?
The kind which is most apt at delivering easy satisfaction
and quick gratifi cation. And, as an audience, we are all willing to
be entertained and cannot wait for the next stunt. And May Day
this year promises to be no less entertaining. All the ingredients are
there and the new fashion of the “surprise guest” seems to have
caught on. Now, it is the prime minister’s turn to announce his
“surprise guest” who will “make revelations about the godfather
and godmother of Med Point clinic.”
Pray tell, since when have May Day meetings turned into courts
of law? Why doesn’t the “surprise guest” go and surprise the ICAC
and our courts of law by revealing what s/he knows about the shady
deal of Med Point in the interest of the country? On the same soap
boxes, we will, naturally, get similar revelations, on the very same
May Day, from father and son about how innocent they both are of
any accusations and le peupl admirabl will listen, swallow everything
it is told with the passivity we only are capable of.
May Day is really the celebration of our genius in action. While in
some countries, workers are chased off the streets with tear gas, water
cannons and rubber bullets, on our little island, the workers, as well
as those who have never worked in their lives, will pour out of their
homes in large numbers and gear up for the free grub, booze and
picnic, brandishing the colour of the party which has bought their
sympathy in a power game all too familiar. Economic crisis, world
recession, infl ation, eroded purchasing power, Med Point, who cares
once one’s stomach has been rounded with a good helping of briani,
one’s senses have been numbed with beer and cheap rum and one’s
voice has become hoarse through shouting aboard the free buses
shuttling people around the island? Why worry about such insignifi –
cant things? One is grateful enough for the recreation.
Asking for May Day to be freed of politics and be given back
to the workers is asking too much. Asking workers to boycott May
Day and take advantage of the half price tariffs on cinemas and
attraction parks to spend quality time with their families is impractical
as most of the buses will be heading in only two directions.
Let’s at least ask for the workers’ day not to be used to take us for
fools. But even that is too much asking!

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