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L’express Weekly May 4

Posted in Uncategorized by touriaprayag on May 4, 2012

Happily never after

Since the promised revelations of May Day did not quench anyone’s thirst, here is a real revelation: the tidal wave Paul Bérenger expected Anerood Jugnauth to sway towards him was not to be. It is an established fact now. Whether the Briani smelled better, the rum promised to be of better quality or the buses looked more comfortable ( who are we to judge compatriots’ motivations) the crowds wanted to make a point. And they did.

We would not like to chance any figures, an exercise which, in the past, has resulted in some politicians expressing their anger in a way that put them on the wrong side of the law. It is clear to all those who went to both meetings, however, that whatever the numbers and claims are, Navin Ramgoolam attracted a larger crowd. Admittedly, he had the government machinery on his side and he did not hesitate to use it to the full, but for a government in mid- mandate juggling with the resignation of a president positioning himself as a challenger, the global economic crisis, the erosion of purchasing power and what not, managing to even square up to the opposition is no mean feat.

As a seasoned politician, Paul Bérenger would not have failed to notice that the crowd at Port Louis was far below expectations and that, apart from the usual, indeed large, chunk of militants, the promises and threats made after the president’s resignation remained just that – promises and threats.

Bérenger must by now have started to explore the other options. Again! One of these is going- it- alone, an option which has never been as feasible as it is today. Bérenger has never been closer to walking to the prime minister’s seat through the main door as he is today. But for that, he needs to start believing in himself, a huge task if you ask me. The majority/ minority issue is a leitmotiv for him. An obsession.

The other option would be realizing his perennial dream of associating with his secretly- much- loved- ostensibly- much- hated brother, Navin Ramgoolam. You will not have failed to notice that his speech on May Day was centered mainly on an analysis of the international situation. Banalities which we all know and which give the government a solid excuse for everything that goes on at this present point in time.

When the promised “ revelation” about the prime minister’s British passport came, what a rip- off! I want my money back! What Bérenger indeed “ revealed” was that in countries like India and Australia, Ramgoolam would apparently not be allowed to run for offi ce since he had a British passport.

What Paul is accusing his brother Navin of, in other words, is breaking the laws of India and Australia by holding a double nationality! Ouch! Roches Noires ? Ouch! No disagreement whatsoever about the economic policy.

And the brother did not hesitate to return the favour by concentrating all his attacks on Anerood Jugnauth, letting his brother off with a slight embarrassment about his previous statements on the prepared video about Med Point. Ouch, ouch! As we turn the pages to close the May Day chapter, we will retain that it has revealed some cracks in the Paul/ Anerood love cup. As Harish Boodhoo said, “ the tent will be pulled down before the chawtaree ”. But for those who have already started to dust their smart clothes and bought a wedding gift, do not despair. Other invitations will be out in due course. There! You were given advance notice.

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