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Dangerous Liaisons 27 February 2014

Posted in Uncategorized by touriaprayag on January 23, 2015

Apart from sex, the D.Y. Patil Medical College
saga has all the ingredients necessary for a drama-
cum-action movie. A family fi lm with a
good mix of friendship, loyalty, family ties,
comedy, drama and action, it really is a thrilling
and nail-biting mass entertainer which I
recommend to all of you who have become
familiar with this genre. You will love the relationship
and dynamics between two families who
have nothing in common except the noble aim
of educating the children of this nation.
The plot begins with two friends who meet
in the incredible sub-continent and start
chatting together. One of them is involved in
a medical school and the other is a retired guy
who spends his time enjoying the simple
pleasures of life like fi shing and hunting.
Until their paths cross that is. Then a great
idea starts germinating in their minds: why
not open a medical college in the middle of
the rolling sugarcane fi elds and whispery music
of a beautiful island? The retired guy knew
nothing about medicine, let alone education,
but what the heck! What is it that a well-intentioned
friend cannot do for the sake of friendship?
And, for those of you who think that the
absence of sex in the movie might be a drawback,
you needn’t worry. Not about that anyway
as it is largely compensated for by nepotism
since the medical college chooses as its
premises the fi ne building of the National
Pension Fund which falls directly under the
responsibility of the retired nice guy’s wife,
who happens to be a minister. Who decided
on the amount of rent to be paid? Don’t you
dare ask!
The movie reaches its climax when two students
report the medical college for allowing them to
practise in our hospitals before being registered
with the Medical Council! And the beauty about
this movie is that it has only heroes – no villains.
So, naturally, it is nobody’s fault: the students
did what they had to do and the Ministry of
Health cannot be held responsible for the qualifi
cations of those entrusted with our lives. In
other words, it is the responsibility of the patients
themselves to ascertain the qualifi cations of
every doctor – or so-called doctor – who consults
them inside our hospitals. Highly commendable
as the open-door-policy is a good principle of
The plot is made that much more complex with
a private radio station releasing the recording of
the retired nice guy promising the students that
all will be OK and that his minister wife – no
run-of-the-mill amateur magician – would use
her magic wand to right all the wrongs! The
whole movie is enhanced with beautiful footage
of a video recording going viral of the same guy
doing exactly what he denies having done. And
the fi lm ends with the protagonists refusing to
make any comment while several institutions
start different investigations into all sorts of allegations,
thus clouding the whole issue.
The yet-to-be-distributed movie is a bone-chiller
which, I must tell you, does not end well but,
though the plot has been done so many times, it
feels fresh because the characters seem so real.
They pretend to know what they’re doing but
they’re really making it up as they go along. In
the meantime, make sure you never fall sick as
you never know what surprises may be awaiting
you in our hospitals.


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